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The Tuesday Musicale Student League was formed in 1913 to encourage young musicians of exceptional talent and ability to develop their musical talent. They participate in monthly informal meetings to perform and socially interact with one another.

The group is affiliated with the Junior Division of the Michigan Federation of Music Clubs. The inspirational and educational value of frequent performance among dedicated student musicians cannot be underestimated.

Student League members also have access to senior Tuesday Musicale members for advice and professional guidance.

A scholarship competition exclusively for student league members is held on a yearly basis. The senior membership sponsors this competition and the students in turn present an annual recital for them.

Meetings last approximately two hours. A musical program is performed by members and discussions are held about topics of musical interest. Guests come to lead workshops on various topics, including performance anxiety, audition preparation, breathing techniques and injury prevention. Light refreshments are served following the meeting.

Meetings are held in various locations in the Detroit Metropolitan area. They may be held in private homes, churches or schools.

Generally, meetings are held once a month on Sunday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Student League has its own board elected from the student membership and an advisor who is a senior member of The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit. The board plans meetings, programs and other musical activities.

Serious music students are encouraged to join. An audition is required for membership. Meetings have already begun for the year, but students who are interested should apply immediately and an audition will be set up for sometime before the October 28, 2012 meeting. The advisor will contact the interested student after an application is completed. Please email

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